Building a Customized Unified Communications Solution with Spoke Phone and Twilio Flex
Leanne Campbell

Leanne Campbell

Building Unified Communications with Spoke and Twilio Flex

Using Spoke powered by Twilio and integrated with Twilio Flex, companies can innovate as they go, creating better experiences for employees and customers and adding capacity or capabilities as needed.

Unify communications in the cloud for complete customization and control

Today, internal and external communications are converging into an integrated platform virtualized in the cloud across a host of devices and channels, able to be deployed  with a few clicks in any environment, on any device.

Using Spoke with Twilio Flex, businesses can fully integrate their back office and PBX with their cloud contact center for a unified communication platform that is infinitely customizable and scaleable.  

Companies can innovate as they go, creating better experiences for employees and customers and adding capacity or capabilities as needed.

Using Spoke with Twilio you can:

  • Deploy your cloud contact center and PBX on mobile devices without losing any visibility, functionality, or security.
  • Transfer calls to back office users or hunt groups on Spoke, and back again out to agents.
  • Seamlessly connect your Twilio Flex contact center to the rest of your organization for a complete UC solution

Accelerating innovation with agile infrastructure

In 2020 innovation went from a longstanding buzz word with big ambitions to boots on the ground. Most organizations have strived to connect the digital dots within and without to gain better visibility into their employees and customers experiences, but traditional communication tools and processes have tended to be somewhat rigid and exist in silos.

As a result, many companies found that they did not have a complete view of employee and customer experiences across different channels and functions, especially as people began working from home at scale.

In a recent executive study Driving Business Success with Remote and Mobile working, done by Tech Research Asia (TRA) and Spoke we found 63% of the decision makers we surveyed in the new WFH landscape were struggling to get a view into employee activities and customer engagements, which are often fragmented across poorly integrated systems. Half of the respondents are using more than five or more communication systems and platforms, with 57% were planning on replacing their phone system or augmenting their existing systems in the next year in order to better support remote and mobile work. 

With a cloud-based system, companies can offload the heavy lifting to their infrastructure and software parters, and focus instead on innovating and adapting quickly to respond to changing customer and market needs. They can focus on building the ultimate experiences, and evolving and scaling them easily as business needs change.

Using Spoke on Twilo you can replace your existing infrastructure as you migrate strategically to the cloud. Integrate existing systems to unify the experiences across the office, remote and mobile environments.

Twilos global network gives you worldwide reach while cloud voice and SMS allow highly targeted localization with local numbers and a mobile-first interface. Bring sales and support staff on anywhere in the world and have them up and running in minutes on the Spoke app. 

Enabling mobile and remote agents with Spoke

Using Spoke you can add mobile capacity to your virtual contact center, enabling remote sales/support teams and unifying communications to deliver an exceptional experience that drives the customer journey forward and keeps communications compliant with business processes, even for remote and mobile agents who are texting and talking with customers. Unlike the traditional call center experience that can feel very impersonal and disconnected, customers can engage in a way that feels familiar, conversational and real.

Designed mobile-first, Spoke can be deployed on mobile phones without any loss of functionality or security to enable contact center staff to work remotely. It runs as a separate, secure app on the users personal device, allowing users to seamlessly toggle between their personal and professional lives without any hassle or loss of privacy.

By connecting Spoke with Twilio Flex, you can build a completely flexible workforce that can access their workplace experience from anywhere, at any time. Hire around the world, bring on remote agents in, onboard them, train, coach and manage them using the Spoke app. Virtualize and mobilize your entire business communication system by connecting your Twilo Flex contact center to Spoke’s PBX/UC solution for business continuity and agility no matter how things change.

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