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Jason Kerr

Build and deploy a rich communication solution on Twilio in minutes, without building an app or any complex phone system features

Spoke’s UCaaS 2.0 fully programmable softphone for Twilio comes complete with advanced phone system features, developer tools, and integration to Twilio, so companies building on Twilio can deploy and go-to-market faster.

UCaaS 2.0 is the future standard for programmable business communications

UCaaS 2.0 is the next-generation of business communication, allowing companies to build and deploy custom communications solutions in record time.

UCaaS 2.0 disintermediates traditional UCaaS (“Unified Communications as a Service”) providers, by separating user applications, core communication functions, and customer experiences (typically bundled by the provider), and putting them into the hands of companies building on platforms such as Twilio. 

These companies can now take the good UCaaS “bits” that they need, and quickly build the communications solution they want. They are no longer confined to the “black-box” of the UCaaS provider, a traditional PBX or cloud phone system, or even a Telco service provider.

UCaaS 2.0 has been made possible by the rapid growth of CPaaS (“Communications Platforms as a Service”) platforms such as Twilio, Nexmo (Vonage), and others.  These platforms allow customers to build tailored communications experiences and customer engagements to suit their exact needs.

Spoke’s first UCaaS 2.0 application is a programmable softphone for Twilio.  Spoke’s programmable softphone allows customers to rapidly deploy consumer-grade voice solutions on Twilio, without having to build an app or any complex phone system like features. And because Spoke deploys into the customer’s Twilio account, customers can now keep the entire call on Twilio for complete privacy, security, and control.

The difference between a normal SIP device or softphone and a UCaaS 2.0 device, is that UCaaS 2.0 devices provide both the user interface as well as the rich experiences and call control people need (such as call transfer, conference, recording, voicemail, DIDs, call groups, etc.). Companies no longer have a need for a traditional PBX, switch, or cloud phone service at all.

For companies building on Twilio, Spoke means getting to market faster and deploying in record time. To make getting started easy, Twilio developers can connect Twilio calls to Spoke’s UCaaS 2.0 programmable softphone using the tools they already know and love; Twilio Studio, Twilio Voice, and Twilio Flex.

UCaaS 2.0 framework

Spoke phone and Twilio

Save 30,000+ hrs and spend your time on building more important things than an app or voicemail

Your time on Twilio is far better spent building unique value that will differentiate and help your company grow, not building apps and features that don’t differentiate your business.

Spoke have spent five plus years and over 100,000 hours building, testing, and fine-tuning our UC apps, APIs, and features.

Spoke push over 1,600 code releases a year (with zero rollbacks!), and spend significant time on compliance, security, and regular maintenance. For instance, we update libraries and supporting operating systems multiple times a year, from key partners such as Apple, Google, Microsoft, and Twilio.

Spoke has also built an entire front-end management portal for company administrators and line managers. They use this portal to manage daily admin tasks such as maintaining which employees are in a call group. The upshot is that you don’t need to spend any time building system administration tools, or worrying about line-manager poking around in your Twilio Console.

In less than five minutes you can deploy Spoke into your Twilio account and start building value right away.

Typical App development cycle for projects on CPaaS

Product Development Timeline

Getting started for free takes just five minutes and a Twilio account

All you need to get started is a free developer account on Spoke (no credit card required), and a free Twilio account.

As you create your free developer account on Spoke you are asked to enter your Twilio account credentials, which instantly deploys Spoke into your Twilio account.

A series of open-source Twilio Functions help you get started fast, and our explainer videos and step-by-step developer tutorials make it easy to get up and running.

Ongoing Code Updates: Spoke is a SaaS platform that is continually improved and automatically updated. Your deployment will always be on the latest and most secure Spoke Phone code release.

Native two-way programmable integration between Twilio Studio and Spoke Phone

Spoke studio diagram to show programmable voice

No more managing users, devices, and availability, or blindly sending calls that you can’t retrieve

Spoke adds three core entities that bring an entirely new dimension and richness to Twilio device registrations, these are: Users, Devices, and Call Groups.

Spoke Users can have multiple devices (e.g. devices on their mobile phone, desktop, tablet, and even a legacy desk phone), each of which (device) may or may not be available to take a call.  As a Twilio Developer, all you need to know is the Spoke User’s extension and Spoke takes care of the rest (e.g. which device/s to dial in what order, etc.)

Each of these Spoke entities can also have an extension number, one or more DIDs, and be part of one or more call groups that automatically offer calls to available devices/users.

Rather than having to manage and track all this complexity in your code, Spoke provides APIs paired with open-source Twilio Serverless Functions allowing Twilio developers in a single call, to: 1) determine who is available, and 2) get a  pre-formed Redirect URL that sends the call to Spoke from Twilio Studio and other functions.

After your project goes live, Spoke provides an administration portal so managers can maintain users, numbers, and ongoing call group membership, without requiring changes by you, or breaking your code.

Spoke's admin portal keeps line managers and administrators out of the Twilio Console

Access the Spoke Softphone administration portal from anywhere

Build rich customer experiences in minutes, with Twilio Studio, Twilio Serverless Functions, and Spoke’s UCaaS 2.0 programmable softphone

Check out the "how to" video series for Twilio Developers

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