Seven remote team communication tools for businesses
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Leanne Campbell

Seven Remote Team Communication Tools You Can’t Be Without

As vaccinations against Covid-19 are rolled out, many businesses are reviewing their future working arrangements. Certainly as employees we have all experienced some remote working fatigue, but most of us are still keen for a future with hybrid remote working. The time saved on travel and ability to focus undistracted on pieces of work are just a couple of the reasons employees give for retaining a hybrid remote working model. But how do businesses navigate a model where employees are in and out of the office on different days. In this blog we share seven remote team communication tools businesses can use to keep their team connected in the new future of work.

Leadership in COVID-19 blog
#Best Practice
Leanne Campbell

How to be a great leader for your team while working remotely

When working remotely it can feel challenging to lead your team well. However the sooner you can let go of past structures, adapt to the ‘new normal’ and inspire your team to do the same, the better off you’ll be says leadership development expect, Nick Mackeson-Smith.

Spoke Eketahuna
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Jason Kerr

Call recording, conference calls, address books, +more

This release brings the first of many planned voice productivity features, a slew of speed and performance improvements, deeper native integration to phones, and core platform features. Read on.

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