Announcing Spoke Speedy
Nina Quasebarth

Nina Quasebarth

Announcing Spoke Speedy, a Programmable Operator Console for Twilio Flex

Business lines are the front lines of any great customer experience. With the release of Spoke Speedy, companies can now drive better customer experiences while increasing the productivity of receptionists and operators who answer and transfer a high volume of calls.

Business phone lines are the front lines of any great customer experience

We’ve all experienced it personally. We call a company and get stuck in endless loops of questions, repeated answers, or worse, elevator music. These practices are so commonplace, we’ve all come to accept them.

However, leading companies are moving back to human operators who answer every call. Companies that offer high-quality services, products, and experiences realize the lasting benefits that real human-to-human interactions create.

The question–until now–had been, “How do you provide this personalized experience for thousands of calls a day?”

And that’s why we built Spoke Speedy – our take on how you can deliver personalized customer experiences on thousands of calls every day.

More people are working from home, and delivering consistent customer experiences is harder than ever

There was a growing trend in remote work even before Covid changed how we all live and work. And with more people now out of the office, employees are getting less exposure to learning, leadership, and to their peers. This means it has become harder for companies to keep customer experiences consistent.

And when customers get a different experience every time they interact with a company, they lose faith in that brand and the business suffers.

For companies that use live receptionists and operators Covid has compounded the issues. Receptionists and operators often use specialized equipment that sits in the office, but for remote employees that simply will not work.

Spoke Speedy solves both of these problems, delivering consistent and personalized customer experiences for remote workers, without the need for specialized equipment or complicated setup.

Human interaction is still the preferred customer experience. Speeding up call handling while remaining personal, is key to productivity at scale.

Spoke Speedy allows remote operators and receptionists to answer and transfer thousands of calls a day and deliver personalized quality customer experiences.

Personalized customer experiences

Consistent outcomes

Significant productivity gains

Works with any phone system; no hardware required; setup in days.

Search and transfer calls to employees, suppliers, customers, CRM contacts, and numbers

100% cloud. No specialized hardware

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