Leanne Campbell

Leanne Campbell

A 360-degree customer view with Spoke and Salesforce

Spoke’s integration with Salesforce links your customer relationship management system with your communication platform to deliver a professional experience anywhere, anytime, on any device.

For customer-facing operations, a customer relationship management system like Salesforce has become essential. Salesforce enables sales, service and support teams to manage the customer journey across multiple channels to deliver a consistent experience. With Spoke’s integration  with Salesforce, teams have access to customer records and information from anywhere and enjoy a user experience that improves productivity and sales efficiency. People are able to work together from any location while easily sharing data, information and conversations with teammates to keep them in the loop. 

Spoke’s integration with Salesforce links your customer relationship management system with your unified communication platform to deliver a professional experience anywhere, anytime,  on any device. Using their personal phones or devices, business users can dial out and take calls through Spoke in an experience enriched with Salesforce data. 

For mobile users, Spoke’s mobile forms progress the conversation with customer data pushed directly from Salesforce to the user’s mobile device, delivering an improved employee and customer experience.  Adding notes during a call is as easy as tapping and talking, with the call notes automatically and effortlessly synced with the Salesforce customer record.  

Desktop users enjoy the same great experience with Spoke’s OpenCTI, allowing users to make and receive calls directly within the Salesforce app, and all supported with screen pops within Salesforce that present key customer information during the call and automatically capture call records against the Salesforce customer record. 

A leading finance company in Australia increased call answer rates by 40% and unified a complex customer journey across multiple devices with the Spoke’s integration with Salesforce.

What is CTI integration?

What is a Salesforce CTI integration?

A Computer Telephony Integration (CTI)  is an Application Programming Interface (API) that links software and information systems to your communications platform. Using Spoke’s Open CTI allows your sales and support teams to receive and make calls from Spoke’s desktop app embedded directly into Salesforce, providing users with a seamless experience within their standard suite of desktop apps. 

Spoke’s integration with Salesforce delivers a true 360-degree customer view

Leveraging Spokes integration with Salesforce, organisations gain visibility into all activity happening, including in the office, on mobile phones and other personal devices at home and on the go. They can see who the customer is talking with, how long they are talking and other performance metrics. They can track outcomes using call disposition codes and data gathered in mobile forms, helping organisations better understand their customers journey’s, and improve customer outcomes. 

Spoke’s integration with Salesforce however is not just about voice interactions, with SMS conversations also captured against the customer record, recognizing today’s customer need to be able to interact across their communication channels of preference.

Spoke’s integration with Salesforce keeps the customer journey personalized. Not only are SMS conversations captured in Salesforce, Spoke provides the platform for automating the sending of personalized SMS at scale from your team members mobile number, be that contract agreements, updates or other communications with no human touch, delivering a totally seamless and error free customer experience. 

Spokes integration with Salesforce delivers better employee and customer experiences

Benefits to the employee 

Employees can enjoy a  better experience on the devices they are already using. Today, employees want to use their own devices, even taking business calls from personal devices when in possession of a company phone. Spoke allows employees to use any device and enjoy all the benefits of a full featured business cloud communication platform enriched with Salesforce data. Built mobile-first, users can enjoy an experience that is designed for the way people work, with easy to use features and tools 

  • Click to call –for ease of use and a better experience 
  • Call notes–Tap, talk and upload instantly to Salesforce 
  • Data as needed in easy to read screen pops as the call progresses 

Benefits to the customer 

With your business communication platform well integrated with Salesforce, the customer benefits from a better experience and well documented journey, being digitally identified and contextual data presented during the call. Eliminating the necessity for the customer to explain or repeat unnecessary information. The journey progresses smoothly and each experience moves it along. 

  • Personalized experiences–where customers feel seen and heard
  • Rapid problem resolution–with easy conferencing, documentation and better business processes
  • Engagement when and where the customer wants

Maximizing the value of your business systems

A Customer Relationship Management system like Salesforce is so much more than a database management system. A Customer Relationship Management System (CRM) is an indispensable tool for businesses who want to understand their customers better and evolve their brand. By integrating Spoke with Salesforce you can unlock more value from each platform. And for users who want even more customization and control, Spoke is powered by Twilio and can be customized using basic APIs and software development kits that you can use to design practically any solution.

In addition to creating a better experience for employees and customers, integrating Spoke with Salesforce can help your business gain oversight and visibility into the entire customer journey.

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